“Inspire to Conspire”

This phrase shows a cause and effect. Reflection must precede action. Action must follow reflection.

Inspire literally means to “breathe into”. When something inspires us, something is breathed into us. Life. Energy. Hope. Faith. Love.

Conspire literally means to “breathe with”. After we are inspired by something, we must pass on the breath. Breathing that same life, energy, hope, faith, love, and other beautiful and holy things…into those around us. It’s not a passive act, either–when we conspire, we dream up actions. We catch the itch. A movement begins.

In many ancient languages, the words used for “breath”, “wind”, and “spirit” were all nearly identical. In the Genesis myth, we see the Creator God breathing the divine essence into the dirt creatures. As such, we can creatively imagine that words like inspire and conspire can in certain ways mean “to give/share a spirit” just as much as they connote breathing.

Aspire literally means “to breathe”. This is where it begins, the first breath. The first action, the first dream, the first hope. I aspire for this blog to be a place where I can release my aspirations for my life, our lives together, and the society around us. This blog will contain theological dreams, philosophical musings, and a lot of the thoughts I want to share.

I aspire that these posts can inspire others and lead to a collective conspiring to bring about the Beloved Community, the Kin-dom of God, and a generally more intentional existence.

Come along!


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