The Slow Life: Thoughts While Biking To Work

Myleen-bike-market-st-picCool air

Silent streets

New perspective.

The city looks so much slower from here

Trudging my way up hills,

pedal by pedal.

I never knew there were so many cross streets

And so much trash,

pedal by pedal.

Out of breath

Neighbors to meet

New perspective.

I see abandoned buildings and lots

Did anybody sleep there last night?

Would I ever have noticed if not for this bike?

Gotta make this light

But I can’t go faster than I already am,

pedal by pedal.

So many weeds in so many cracks on so many sidewalks

This city looks so much bigger from here,

pedal by pedal.

Never thought I could feel nature so deeply, the depth of God so clearly, see the birds and the sky so softly

While in the middle of the city.

New perspective.



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