To the Feelers in My Garden

2014-06-21 16.42.20

Feelers on my cucumber vine

My garden is filled with many vines. 

Flowers that creep up iron trellises

Cucumbers snaking up the fences

Spinach wrapping around ropes

Squash securing itself to the ground

And all of them, all of them have feelers. 

They have to have something to hold on to

Something to stabilize with. 

Sometimes, these feelers reach out into thin air, 

reaching for what is not actually there, 

Stretching to find something or someone to hold on to. 

Sometimes they are successful, 

and I’m sure they feel comforted. 

But often, they have no choice but to retract

and hold their own hand. 

I see the feelers intertwining with themselves.

And soon the feeler is a spiral of itself,

Holding on to itself for support. 

That’s one way to do it, I chuckle to myself

Admiring the feeler’s ability to survive. 

I too am a Feeler,

and sometimes 

you just have to hold your own hand

until you can find something else 

(someone else) 

to hold. 

Then again, we are never alone; 

for there are several plants supporting each other

and themselves

in tandem. 

And so, we grow. 


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