To My Hands

Photo by Grace Biggs

Photo by Grace Biggs

I just noticed how strong you are–

I’ve seen you before,

and I’ve memorized your scars.

I could point our your freckles with my eyes closed,

and I know all your stories.

You’re typing these words right now,

and I can see you bend and flex with each strike.

You and I,

we’ve been through everything.

I have never been apart from you, and you have

seen all I have seen,

touched all I have touched.

I experience the world through you,

and oh, how you are strong.

The pattern of your skin is like argyle and checkers,

Your creases don’t match up.

Your joints are swollen from the music I’ve made,

your nails lined with white.

You’ve never broken or faltered.

I thank you

for all you have created,

regret all you have hurt,

am grateful for all you have loved.

All you have loved

and will continue to love.


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