The Crippled Leading the Blind

Words from my friend.

Dry Bones Rattling


unnamed (9)The fall has settled upon us like a dense fog. The fall has settled upon us, silently easing down and weaving its way around while we were lost in work and restless sleep, while we were caught in crisis after crisis relentless as September rain and deafening as the sound of thunder on steel. So far, it’s been a damp and foggy October and I’m just beginning to find my footing, to see through the breathless and dizzying haze of last month. And gradually, from here, my head begins to clear. Gradually, from here, I begin to sense the seasons shifting and know that something in me and around me is changing. “There is a turn in things that makes the heart catch,” writes Marge Piercy, and my heart catches in my chest as I breathe, as I look around at the trees catching flame, as I feel a kind…

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