Blessing of the Track


I wrote the following blessing for roller derby leagues to use in light of strings of injuries or misfortune. It is especially appropriate for blessing and cleansing practice spaces, tracks, and can easily be adapted for blessing bout spaces. Feel free to use or share as long as credit is given to the author, “Autumn Dennis/Sinister Minister.”

Blessed Divine Spirit, 
Our Mother, Our Father, Our Friend,

We call on your love, your protection, and your cleansing.

Our team has seen too many hospital rooms,

too many casts, 

too many broken bones and bruised spirits. 

We have seen too much. We have seen so much that cannot be unseen. 

This room is our sanctuary; let it remain so. 

Let it not be a place of fear and trembling,

But a place of safety, of play, of challenge, of strength, of growth. 

We give thanks for this sport and this community,

and all the ways that we are able to explore and live into our bodies, 

the extent of our wills, the tenacity of our hearts, 

and the depth of our friendships.

We pray that this space, this track and this league would be blessed

and surrounded by positive energy, healing love, 

and fierce grace.

Holy One, Divine Force, Sacred Love,

bless us and keep us, 

Heal our recovering teammates who we now name:

(Speak names of recovering teammates…)

Cleanse this space of all unclean energy, negative memories, unfriendly air, bruised egos, fear, grudges, regrets, and ill will. 

Breathe newness into this space,

And bring us closer together as a team and as a family. 

Amen and Blessed Be.



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